Gin is a spirit drink obtained by flavoring ethyl alcohol with mainly juniper berries, like gin. The development of gin begins with the alcoholic fermentation of a malt. aroma with flattering nose, very floral, mouthfeel just as floral and soft and an original bottle, reminiscent of apothecary bottles, with its cork and retro label ("Max the Monkey - Schwarzwald Dry Gin"). The flavors of the Monkey 47 come from the 47 infused plants: hibiscus, cassia, fragrant rush, elderberry, cranberry, jasmine, spruce ... This gin below named best gin in the world in 2011 and it is worth less than fifty euros. To test emergency so called Monkey 47 in tribute to the British commander Montgomery is elaborated by small cuvée (1250 liters) and distilled in small stills steamed, and aged in clay pots.


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