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Adriano Ramos Pinto (1859-1927) Young artist inserted in the artistic medium of Oporto, it founded his company in 1880, at the 21 years age. He achieved his goal very early to conquer the Brazilian market. With the flight of its turnover, it offers a share of its company to his António brother, in 1896. Philosophy: “Producing, product and consumer are here connected by the temptation which is the true heart of the business.” (José-Augusto França, in “Ramos Pinto 1880-1980”) By its policy of personalization and autonomy, which gave to its wines their single and incomparable character, the House Ramos Pinto defined the axes of development by which she intends to continue her work. Having always considered that the quality of its wines took root in the ground mother of Douro, the House Ramos Pinto went owner of several fields, carefully selected within the Area of Appellation contrôlée. It was the first stage of a wine course founded on a philosophy of self-sufficiency, in the objective to guarantee in the short run the totality of the production of grapes used in the wines of Oporto and table. The search of excellence appears in the effective quality of the produced wines and in the respect of a tradition of pionnier as regards research, which has directed for several decades the strategy of production of the House. With this oenological qualitative aim was always associated an original artistic sensitivity bequeathed by Adriano Ramos Pinto, for whom to appreciate a good wine was an eminently cultural act, rooted in the European tradition. This sensitivity is manifest in the splendid decoration of the offices, the order of works of art, the publication of editions of quality or the practice of the cultural patronage. In order to perpetuate the tradition, the House Ramos Pinto creates, in 1997, the archaeological Museum of Ervamoira; it puts at the disposal of researchers the invaluable documentary heritage of its Historical Archives; it supports research projects in the fields of the history and the art history and recently inaugurated space museologic “Casa Ramos Pinto”, devoted to the history of the company and advertising art.

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