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This is the story of a chocolate craftsman whose legendary name has become the symbol of luxury and prestige around the world. Praline, a mix of almonds or hazelnuts finely ground with caramelized sugar, is invented in Belgium. In 1926, Pierre Draps Senior creates in his small workshop in Brussels his first chocolate praline; the praline. In a very short time, the whole family, including the 4 children, help him to produce, finish, pack and deliver these elegant little chocolates that are sold in supermarkets in Brussels. Inspired by the passion, audacity and generosity of Lady Godiva, known from the English legend, the family chooses for this evocative name. Despite their young age, the four children Pierre, Joseph, François and Yvonne decided after the death of their parents to continue working in the family business. Joseph Draps is moving the workshop which is now located on Boulevard Leopold. This is where the first Godiva shop will be opened. Three years later, the iconic place that is the Grand Place in Brussels will host the flagship store. Then other shops are founded in the rest of the world. In 1958, the first shop was inaugurated in Paris in the Rue Saint-Honoré. In 1966, Godiva joined Wanamaker's in North America, one of Philadelphia's most elegant superstores. The city of New York followed in 1972, where Fifth Avenue moved to the first Godiva shop in the north of the United States. At the same time, the first Godiva boutique is established in Japan in the prestigious supermarket of Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, located in the heart of Tokyo. In 1998, Godiva is also represented in Hong Kong in the exclusive Sogo supermarket. The trend continues and other stores are opening, first in 2001 in Singapore and then in Taiwan in 2002. In 2007, the iconic boutique on the Brussels' Grand Place undergoes a renovation. To celebrate this, Pierre Draps creates a special range of chocolates. In 2008, Godiva is taken over by the Ülker Group. Two years later, in China, Xintiandi is home to the first Godiva Café in Shanghai, and the Nisantasi Mall in Istanbul is home to Godiva's first boutique in Turkey. Currently, Godiva chocolates are present in more than 80 countries around the world. Godiva's founder, Pierre Draps, continues to create delicious little chocolates until his death in 2012. Today, our chocolate chefs are proud to follow his example. "Since birth, chocolate has been omnipresent ... I was delighted and dedicated my life to this art. I had a wonderful dream. »Pierre Draps 1919 - 2012

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