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Cognac Léopold Gourmel A carrying name When Pierre Voisin creates his company accompanied by Olivier Blanc in 1972, he baptizes it Léopold Gourmel in tribute to his grandfather. The two founders indeed appreciate the authenticity of this character, and particularly his close connection with nature when it cultivates his vines and its garden of the Ile de Ré. A respect of the environment which agrees to wonder with their manner of conceiving the development of cognac… And it is still Léopold, harness-maker of its state, which inspires the emblem of the brand: the head of horse. There too, the symbol is strong, because the most beautiful conquest of the man joins perfectly the nobility, the elegance and the smoothness of cognac Léopold Gourmel. Lastly, beyond the emotional comparisons, the justification of this patronymic choice is also in the evocative power of its pronunciation. To say “Léopold Gourmel”… is already to feel like a promise of new flavours and pretty moments of complicity…


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