About the classification of terroirs ...

More than 300 communes in Champagne have a classified land. They correspond to a classification expressed in percentage, from 80 to 100%. The Grands Crus, classified at 100%, represent only 17 villages.

These 17 wine-producing communes make up the elite of Champagne. These 'grand cru', represented by a hierarchical ranking of 100%, give the greatest Champagne wines. The quality is explained by several criteria:
- chalky basements
- a gradient on the hillsides
- Optimal exposure
- Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grape varieties

In 50 communes, the first vintage is characterized by the qualitative transcription of 90 to 99% of the grapes, to give first-class wines.

Finally, the vineyard extends over 224 municipalities, mainly in the Marne Valley and in the Aube. These lower quality vineyards are indexed on the price of the grapes in 'grand cru' for 80 to 89%.

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