Terms and conditions

vins-fins.be ensures excellent relationship with its customers. We appreciate the trust you place in vins-fins.be and take your rights seriously. General buying conditions described below you clearly explain your legal situation is each time you visit the site vins-fins.be Webshop or you make a purchase at vins-fins.be Webshop. For us to provide you access to vins-fins.be Webshop you agree to a legal commitment and respect the terms and conditions described below. Belgian law is applicable.

VAT number: BE 0880373879

Address: Hanart Thierry vins-fins.be Boulevard Mettewie 46 bte 177, 1080 Brussels, Belgium

E-mail address: info@vins-fins.be

Phone: 0032 2 411 77 97 - Mobile: 0498 April 00 97

Art. 1: Agreement between you and vins-fins.be

This is a valid contract between you and vins-fins.be when vins-fins.be Webshop receives the confirmation of your order on its website. According to the law on trade practices, the burden of risk of loss or damage rests with the seller. You must inform us within an acceptable time (3 week) after receipt of your shipment. vins-fins.be reserves the right to refuse your request if it is not received before the deadline. You can send your notice of non-receipt to info@vins-fins.be or call us at 0032 2 411 77 97.

Art. 2: Items offered survins-fins.be Webshop

All items offered by vins-fins.be are described in good faith. The offer and prices are valid on the day of consultation or for the period indicated. All prices include VAT. vins-fins.be can not be held liable for errors contained in the tender. The products in the web shop may be offered subject to availability. vins-fins.be Webshop will go all out for the items you wish to purchase are available. However, it may happen that an item is sold. In this case, you will be notified in the shortest possible time and can cancel your order if you wish. vins-fins.be Webshop can not be held responsible for damage caused by the unavailability of an article.

Prices and photos presented are for information purposes and are not contractual. If a price change occurs between the time of the conclusion of the purchase and delivery of goods in question, the customer will be informed before the goods are sent to him. In this case, the consumer has the right to abandon its purchase until the goods are not sent.

Bids and proposals are not automatically apply to additional orders, except if agreed in writing between the consumer and vins-fins.be.

All vacancies are subject to any writing or printing errors. vins-fins.be can not be held to its offers and proposals had the consumer, for reasons of logic and fairness and the most commonly accepted sense, including the offer or proposal partially contained an error or a lack of obvious spelling.

Art. 3: How do I make an order with vins-fins.be?

Once your search results obtained, click "Place Order". You will then be asked to enter your email address and billing information and shipping. The information you provide will be treated with great care and with the utmost confidentiality.

Before making your final purchase decision, you get a complete overview of your order. You have at that time still the option to cancel your order or change your data. After making your final choice, you will receive email confirmation of your order with all the information you need.

Art. 4: I want to cancel an order that has not yet been sent

To perform the cancellation as soon as possible, we ask you to provide clear details and purchase products at info@vins-fins.be cancel.

Art. 5: I want to cancel an order that has already been sent

A good relationship with our customers is very important to us.

That is why you have the right to return your order within 14 days after receiving your products.

If you want to return an item, please follow these steps:

Resend your bill with sufficient postage to your Mettewie Boulevard 46 bte 177, 1080 Brussels, Belgium. Specify the back to why you return.

In order to make the refund, please also provide your account number. Upon receipt of your return, internally we will establish a credit note and the amount will be paid as soon as possible.

Art. 6: I made by mistake a double payment.

vins-fins.be you donate the payment duplicate as soon as possible.

It is important that you contact us the following data:

the date of payment
the bank through which the payment was made
the exact amount
your customer and order numbers
the account number on which to receive the refund.
Please send your request to info@vins-fins.be.

Art. 7: Disputes

All disputes will be settled by the courts with territorial jurisdiction for the headquarters vins-fins.be.

Art. 8: Reservation

vins-fins.be reserves the right of ownership for all goods already delivered until full payment date.

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