Champagnes and black truffles

Truffle, Champagne H. BLIN & C °? The simple evocation of these two "stars" of the table brings forth images of celebration, luxury and voluptuousness?

Truffe and H. BLIN & C °, an exceptional wedding to celebrate during a privileged moment. And why not imagine a one-on-one dinner around the winter black truffle and a harmoniously selected Champagne? Let yourself be guided?

The black winter truffle (Tuber melanosporum) a heady nugget

In the nose, its perfume, imposing at first, reveals its complexity in a second time: powerful, subtle, both "fresh" and "hot", with an extraordinary aromatic persistence.

Its olfactory references evoke both the vegetable kingdom (fresh grass, cut or dried grass, moist tobacco, decaying oak leaves, roots, humus, wet soil, potting soil, trumpet-type dried mushrooms) A fox fur, slightly smoked sausage, musk) or, in another, a sweet note of yellow-ripe fruit.

His best deals with Champagne

The Champagnes are rich, structured, even tannic, powerful and vinous, tempered temperament. Champagnes de Corps, Blanc de noirs (based on pinot noir and / or pinot meunier), in the fierceness of their youth, or Champagnes d'Ame vintage, complex and mature, mostly black grape varieties.

Recipe with black truffles

 An easy menu for a glamorous evening?

In appetizers?

A few slices of fresh truffle on slices of a good buttered stick. Sprinkle with a pinch of fleur de sel from Guérande.

Scallops and black truffles


6 scallops. 6 slides of black truffle 1 mm thick. Some leaves of mesclun. Sweet olive oil. Salt. Pepper.

Sear the scallops in olive oil 1 minute on each side, without letting them color. Cut them horizontally to 3/4 and slip a slice of truffle. Serve immediately, accompanied by a few leaves of mesclun, sprinkled with a fillet of olive oil. Add salt. Pepper.

Little truffle potato slippers by Guy Savoy


60 g of whole truffles, 600 g of potatoes, 60 g of leeks, 1/2 small onion, 125 g of butter, salt and freshly ground pepper.

Peel the potatoes, leeks, onions and wash them. Cut the mandolin potatoes into strips 3 mm thick. Wash them to remove the starch and leave them in the water. Put 75 g of clarifying butter in a pan over a very gentle heat. Thinly slice the onions and leeks, cook them with 15 g butter over low heat until done.

Drain the potatoes, wipe them well. Mix them in a basin with 3/4 of the clarified butter. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper. Arrange the potato slides overlapping them in the pre-buttered roasting pan. Bake them (th.6) for about 1/4 hour.

Cut the truffle into very thin strips. Once cooked, spread the potato slices on a table (6 per person). Place a little leek-onion mixture on each slice, then a slice of truffle. Cover with a slice of potatoes.

Cut out these small slippers with the cookie cutter in order to obtain a regular shape, arrange them in a buttered dish, brush them with clarified butter with a brush, make them to color under a salamander or very hot . Once colored, arrange them in each plate.

And to finish .....

Sugar shells and black truffle

 Butter 30g, Sugar semolina 40g, Shells 100g, Cream liquid 15cl, Truffle of 30grs per person.

Cook the shells in the boiling water "al dente". Drain. Book. Reduce the cream by half. Parry the truffles and cut into julienne. When serving, fry the shells with the butter, the sugar, add the reduced cream and the julienne of truffles. Serve ...

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